baby boomers

Boomer control

Is anyone surprised that the Baby Boomer generation will cling to their control, and their desire to control others, until their very last breath? Control of everything and everyone is what they’ve sought their entire lives. Why would they suddenly stop? Their inability to retire, take a vacation, and leave it to the next generation is utterly predictable, once you figure out that everything they’ve tried to do in society has been about planning and controlling the masses while they look down on it all from their ivory towers. Boomers are the only generation in our nation’s history that…

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Baby Boomers: the first generation to not want to leave the world a better place for the next generation

Rarely will I make a post that is a simple share of a video. But as I pointed out two days ago, rarely do I watch video. And if I do, rarely does it so succinctly capture an otherwise complex topic so quickly. From the time Baby Boomers were teenagers to now, they’re the first generation to take and take without giving a thing. Always focused on themselves, they are the first generation to focus on themselves and never stop to consider the ramifications of their actions. The death of thoughtful. The death of courtesy. The death of consideration….

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