Lately, I’ve noticed quite a few people causing a problem and then getting angry at those who reacted negatively to the problem they caused.

In just the last week:

I witnessed a woman in the street freak out and give the finger to a bus driver who chose to honk rather than run her down.

Someone pulled out right in front of me while I was driving 40 on a 35mph road, and then gave me the finger when I went around them and looked at him.

I was heading toward a stop light that was red with the intent of getting in the lefthand lane. I knew I needed to be in the lane and at the light to activate the left hand turn light, so I was anxious to get in the left hand turn lane. Unfortunately, the guy in front of me was driving 20 mph in the 45 mph zone we were in, and by the time I was finally able to get in the lane and pass him, I missed the light. But that didn’t stop him from giving me the finger as he drove by.

People tend to think that things used to be better or wonder what has happened to our society. But I’ve been noticing a distinct uptick in the number of people who do something rude, thoughtless, or just stupid who then get mad at the people negatively effected by their behavior.

Just something I’ve been observing. How about you?