Who the heck knows what to make of the great mask debate. To wear, or not to wear… that is the question.

I don’t know what to think. There are plenty of studies – some going back decades – that suggest there is no benefit to wearing a mask. And how could there be?

Nevermind that most of the people wearing them contaminate them within minutes of brandishing it. They let it hang off their ear, put it on a contaminated surface, or exhale toxins into it that were supposed to leave the body but are now primed to reenter through inhalation.

On the other hand, you can see how it could provide some protection by limiting the dissemination of whatever it is people are breathing out. They also reduce any chance of particles making into your mouth or nose.

Some wear them to protect themselves, while others say it’s to protect everyone else.

I don’t understand how everyone tolerates them. If you have glasses, then you can’t see because your lens are steamed up constantly from the air you’re blowing out the top of your mask. They’re also hot, moist, and uncomfortable. Especially as Summer is really starting to heat up.

What I don’t understand is if you think masks are effective, then you should be confident when you’re wearing one. Conversely, those who don’t want to wear one can go without. If masks slow or prevent the spread, then walking among people without one shouldn’t be a concern if you have one on, yourself.

Personally, I think the entire coronavirus spread was started by Big Mask so they could make millions of dollars off the suckers who are running in fear from the virus.

Have you seen how Big Mask is trading on the stock market? It’s soaring.

Clearly, they have Dr. Fauci in their back pocket. No doubt, they’re the ones funding all of these studies that show masks are effective and we should all be wearing one.

And then Big Mask makes all these deals with media conglomerates (as only Big Mask could) so they can get the licensing to your favorite team logos or comic characters to put on the masks.

Big Mask is getting rich while destroying the environment. Have you seen all the landfills with used masks piling up? It’s disgraceful.

We need politicians who aren’t owned by Big Mask but instead will stand up to their lobbyists and resist their money.

Wake up, America. Stand up to Big Mask and let them know we won’t put up with it anymore.