You can find racism wherever you want, and the current climate is making racism hunters very creative.

Check out today’s CBS News story: White Americans got their stimulus checks more promptly than Blacks and Hispanics

Who would have even thought to research this to see who got their stimulus checks faster? And that sums up exactly what we’re going through as a country.

The great awakening isn’t that we’re finally going to atone for all of our racist sins. The great awakening is that we’re finally going to stop what we’re doing to take time to find racism in everything. Then we’re going to root it out and make the most sanitized world we can.

The Urban Institute conducted a study and found that there were “significant disparities” between white and black households.

Among them? 75% of white adults received their checks by late May, compared to…

You’d better sit down before you read this.

Are you prepared, because the difference in percentages is possibly more inhumane than slavery itself.

OK, don’t say I didn’t warn you.

While 75% of white adults received their checks by late May, 69% of black adults received theirs by late May.

Unlike the New York Times, which usually buries any semblance of common sense around paragraph 20 or so, the paragraph immediately after this once containing the percentages goes on to make a little sense.

The first wave of payments went to taxpayers who had direct deposit set up with the IRS, and this is more likely to be white people.

Or, it was racism… clearly the logical conclusion. Wait’ll Black Lives Matter (the organization, not the movement) hear about this. People will definitely be getting beatdowns because of this.