A friend recently sat down by me and proceeded to carry on an argument with another friend – all through texting.

He spent at least 20 minutes just moving his thumbs and texting complicated ideas and arguments.

Naturally, I suggested using the tool for its intended purpose by making a phone call and talking this through.

It would have taken a fraction of the time.

Tone of voice would have helped convey intent and seriousness.

There would be no time spent correcting autocorrects, misspellings, or poorly written articulations.

The human element would have buffered any potential move toward unnecessary anger.

Instead, he just kept on texting.

And we wonder why we can’t have healthy debates about anything or generally get along, even when we disagree on things.

Living in Wisconsin, I was always impressed with how two people, or a group of co-workers, could argue. But when 5 pm rolled around, it was time to grab a beer together. It was like the argument never happened.

I miss that about Wisconsin. And I miss that about America.