Now that we’ve finally agreed that men and women are exactly the same and everything one gets, the other should get, too, there’s one area that still stands out to me.

Why is it everyone can name at least three male serial killers, but no one can name one female serial killer. (Which isn’t necessarily true, because here at Face House Productions, we were able to name Myra Hindley largely due to The Smiths song, Suffer Little Children, which was a song about the Moors Murders.)

We’ve dutifully addressed all gender inequality, but I think this one is overlooked. The women who took time out of their schedules to kill many people deserve just as much notoriety and credit as their male counterparts. I mean, if a man kills a bunch of people, why is that any different than a woman who does it.

Men are generally physically stronger, and some believe are more prone to violence. (I used to believe that until I learned women and men were exactly the same.) Women had to go through just as much planning, police hassling, and moral justification as their male counterparts.

Let’s get those serial killerettes on the radar, toot suite. Here’s a list of famous serial killers. Let’s learn ’em, and give them their due.