Look at some of the famous politically active liberals – Chuck Schumer, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, David Hogg, Nancy Pelosi, Rachel Maddow, Michael Moore, Bernie Sanders, Al Gore… to name a few.

One trait they share is anger. They seem to be always angry. They never seem to be enjoying themselves, and they’re mad when you’re enjoying yourself. They never seem to be musing about the blessings of living in the United States.

So long as someone is suffering in any way, they’re miserable. I think this is, in a twisted way, admirable. It’s born out of empathy and a desire for justice. They want to right the wrong, and I think this is largely good.

The problem is that they don’t use their time finding success stories and inspiring people to be more like those. Instead, they find the worst off among us and want everyone to only be as happy as they. In a constant pursuit of fairness, liberals seem to demand that no one can be happy until we’re all happy – which, of course, will never be.

Conservatives don’t believe in wasting too much time carrying guilt around. Guilt gets in the way of goals pursued, and it’s not productive to spend your time feeling guilty. If you are guilty of something, fess up, make amends and move on.

Those who choose to carry the weight of guilt, sadness, and anger for all of the wrongs in the world need to find an outlet. A place to channel that guilt. So they blame conservatives, because they have the audacity to be happy. They seem to spend their time wringing their hands for every person who, by their own arbitrary judgments, are not living the life of the well-to-do. And this makes them angry.

Think about who came up with arbitrary judgments like:

“He doesn’t pay enough in taxes.”
“She makes too much money.”
“Teachers should be paid better.”
“Professional athletes make too much money.”
“Executives earn too much money in bonuses.”
“That guy is driving too fast.”
“That woman smokes too much.”
“Those parents give their kids too much candy.”
“People shouldn’t eat butter on their movie popcorn.”
“Children shouldn’t have salt.”

They seem to believe that it is their right, if not their duty, to monitor and create rules for all of us. In this sense, it’s fairly easy to conclude that these people are, in essence, authoritarians who feel they know best, and therefore have the right to tell us how to live. And when we don’t listen or when we adhere to our own sensibilities, they get very angry.

I’m not sure why liberal spokespeople are so mad, but I do know that when they’re mad, they’re going to try and spread that around fairly, too.