This is just a sign of where we are as a country right now.

How can liberals, who actively (and rightfully) support rights for gays and fair treatment of women, also support the kind of militant Islam where gays are tortured or thrown off buildings and women are subject to Sharia Law (which essentially places women under the complete control of their men)?

It sure seems like those to ideas are at odds.

The phrase “religion of peace” is often associated with Islam. But when I just searched the phrase, I came up with this site.

There’s no disputing that many have recently (if not historically) died by the hands of those who killed in the name of Islam. Yet, there are millions of people who practice Islam peacefully, and seemingly without judgment of those who adhere to the tenets of other religions.

But there’s something about Islam that is motivating many of it’s members to kill others in very aggressive and heinous ways. It seems like Islamic leaders could do a much better job with either the marketing of their religion or controlling it’s membership.

Meanwhile, how is it no one demands to know why leftists support Islam, which actively persecutes gays and uses women, while attacking conservatives, who do neither?

It’s a shame our nation has reached a point in which everyone is afraid to ask tough questions for fear of offending someone.