This morning, at the Orlando airport, I was given a quick survey after logging into and using the airport wifi.

The survey was about COVID and my concerns about it during my airport experience. I’m not sure if this would qualify as a government survey (it does seem to be written to apply to all airports), but the questions were either very poorly designed, or they were searching for a specific outcome, because they assumed I had COVID concerns.

In this first question, they ask me how I think the airport should prioritize their COVID mitigation strategies:

The question assumes that I think any of the safety measures are important, which I don’t. I don’t think any of the eight options are necessary at all and would rather they did none of them.

Likewise, this question asks me where I’m most afraid of getting COVID:

Again, they didn’t give me an option to let them know what I really think: There is no part of my trip in which I am the least bit concerned about getting COVID. So I was forced to pick the one least likely to lead to them taking any encroaching action.

This survey ignores the possibility that respondents don’t have any of these concerns by not providing a “none of the above,” or “choose not to answer,” option. Or, they could have left a comment area for something else.

But in this age of suspicion with regards to the government, I’m fairly confident these options weren’t provided on purpose. Then again, incompetence is also squarely in their wheelhouse, so…