Democrats should really be careful what they wish for.

Ever since Trump won the Republican primary in 2016, the Democrats have been working overtime to destroy him. Not just the politician or candidate, but the man. And his family.

There was the Russia Hoax. The Perfect Call. The Disinfectant Injection. The Fine People Hoax. The Big Lie. And now, there’s the January 6 Committee.

I don’t think it’s a stretch to predict there will be some sort of indictment, and equally likely it would come after he was crowned the 2024 Republican candidate.

The Democrats are all in on destroying Trump, including making him a central tenet of their current governing agenda… for a guy that’s no longer in government. But I’m not sure the Democrats have thought this through.

I just attended the CPAC event in Florida, and while there, I spoke to many conservatives. While there are a wide spectrum of opinions on Trump, with varying degrees of appreciation, adulation, or understanding, one thing was clear:

Everyone would rather have Ron DeSantis than Donald Trump.

Ron DeSantis is the intellectual, articulate, politically-experienced, empathetic, selfless, serious, and equally unafraid version of Donald Trump.

If DeSantis gets to the White House, there’s a much greater chance he’ll remove the bureaucracy and hire a trustworthy staff who’s not undermining him at every turn.

DeSantis will also handle his critics and political enemies with a much more thorough and clever dispatch. With facts, knowledge, and common sense, he addresses his opponents words and actions where Trump just calls them names.

In short, DeSantis is the Trump without the sounding like a buffoon.

It’s DeSantis that conservatives really want, and there many reasons to believe he’d be just that much more unstoppable. I’m not sure the Democrats have thought this through. If they were smart, they’d realize they’d much rather have Trump.