I’ve written plenty about the inability of conservatives to even consider any form of effective marketing. The Republican Party is home to the worst marketing department in the history of marketing.

Meanwhile, the Democrats work 24/7 on their marketing efforts. However, they’re marketing efforts are all trained on conservatives. Democrats don’t spend much time talking about themselves. Instead, they work on defining conservatives, figuring that if they can define conservatives as evil and inhuman, people won’t think twice about rounding them up and canceling them from society.

One of the Democrats’ most effective attacks is assigning motives to conservatives. You will never hear a Democrat talk about what some conservatives somewhere has done without also assigning a motive to it.

While conservatives will tell you that Biden signed an executive order killing 11,000 Keystone Pipeline jobs or stopping the Southern border wall, they never assign a motive to it. That’s because conservatives think more practically and literally and realize they don’t know for sure what Democrats are thinking. They just know what their actions will yield.

Democrats work under no such restrictions. If a conservative talks about lowering taxes, it’s because they want to stick it to poor people. If they want to depart illegal immigrants, it’s because they’re racist and hate foreigners.

If a conservative wants to open areas of the country for oil drilling, it’s because they hate the environment. If they want to stop BLM protesters from destroying a city, it’s because they hate black people.

Democrats never ever talk about what a conservatives says they want to do without assigning a motive to it. And that motive always gets reported, making it part of the narrative when anyone discusses it.

Conservatives have a lot of work to do, and this is a tactic they’d definitely better learn quickly. Especially since Democrat motives couldn’t be much clearer these days – kill jobs and create a welfare state because you want people dependent on the government.

Conservatives know this is the endgame. Stop saying “because Democrats hate America.” It doesn’t resonate. It has to be more relevant and meaningful to ordinary citizens.

“Because they want you dependent on them,” is far more meaningful and effective. And the scary part is, it’s also true.