This year, the NFL is going to start games by playing not only the national anthem, but the “black national anthem,” called “Lift every voice and sing.”

Tonight, the Texans appeared to have remained in the locker room for both anthems, while only Alex Okafor, of the Chiefs, knelt for the national anthem.

Following the anthems, the Chiefs and Texans started the season by linking arms as a show of unity.

And once again, as 2020 twists, turns, and blurs everything we think we know about everything, the game starts by playing two separate national anthems (one for a nation to which we all belong, and the other to a nation that doesn’t exist) followed by the players showing their unified.

Spelling it out even more clearly, in a nation in which blacks have their own magazine, their own channel, their own congressional caucus, their own movement, their own colleges, their own beauty pageants, and their own course studies in college, we’re going to “unify” around two national anthems?

Is it me, or is that not taking a step together but, in fact, taking a further step apart?

It makes me wonder what would happen if a white player (or any player, for that matter) took a knee during the black national anthem. I’m confident that person would be praised for their bravery, speaking out against whatever it is they think they’re representing.

Think of the unity!