19 years ago today, the twin towers of the World Trade Center were felled by Islamic suicidal soldiers who hijacked commercial flights and piloted the planes into the towers.

The country was largely united after those events. The support for President Bush and Mayor Giuliani was high. Love for firefighters and police officers was off the charts. They were heroes wherever they went.

Just 19 years ago… one set of events, unified understanding of what happened, what it meant, and that we were all hurt by it.

As you think about 9/11 in the year 2020, can you conceive of an event that would have that kind of unifying effect. There’s not a thing that happens in the country now that we can unify around.

Of all the amazing events of this year, the one that still strikes me the most is the death of George Floyd.

Look at all the of visceral protests and rallies it ignited. The immediate public result was rage, but for a second, that gave way to actual peaceful protests. However, it wasn’t long before the momentum of those protests were redirected to arson, vandalism, injury, rape, murder, and the reactivation of Antifa.

Through it all, I’ve always come back to one central question: who are you protesting against?

If there’s one person in America who was happy about George Floyd’s death, thought it justified, or even didn’t care, no one could identify them.

Though I don’t think everyone realized this, the country was, in fact, united by their outrage at the events that led to his death. Even those who wanted to be cautious and get the facts before rendering judgment could see the outcome was so wrong.

But our unity didn’t matter. It was an opportunity for the Marxist group, Black Lives Matter, to exploit the event and cloak their anti-American agenda behind the idea that black lives matter.

Suddenly, all the seeds planted by critical race theory teachings over the past 20 years started to take root. White people all over America were convincing themselves they’ve been racist all along. It was almost like whites were sleeper cells of racists strategically placed across the country just waiting to be activated. It’s one of the most amazing things I’ve ever seen.

However, even with everyone united at their outrage of Floyd’s death, we were quickly divided again as liberals took it one way while conservatives took it another.

For 30 years, I’ve been frustrated by the Republican Party’s lack of awareness or willingness to educate people about the founding of the party: it was founded as a movement to end slavery. While the Democrats focused daily on calling Republicans racists, the GOP did nothing.

It was all a set up for George Floyd’s death. Not specifically, but Floyd’s death was the perfect opportunity to play the hand the Democrats had been dealing for decades. The Republicans are not just racists, but white supremacists, and they must be stopped.

Instead of directing the equality-based energy toward education and keeping families intact, two areas that would have tremendous benefits in the black community, we instead focused on police brutality, which statistically, isn’t even a top 50 problem in the United States.

20 years ago, we could all find anger toward this attack on America because an attack on one of us was an attack on all of us.

However, after 20 years of indoctrinating our students that America was founded on racism and needs to be remade as a communist utopia, it appears the efforts have been at least somewhat successful. Instead of being able to rally around lifetime-defining events like COVID-19 or the death of George Floyd, we’re instead not even sure we can support our police or firefighters.

How far we’ve come. The principles of bitterness and constant outrage that define the Democrat Party have taken root in a way we’ve never seen. Our cities are literally on fire, and we’re heading into an election that could, once and for all, determine the fate of this republic.

If you’re planning on voting this election, consider which you prefer, the 9/11 of 2001, or the 9//11 of 2020. Ask yourself which party is best exemplified by the 9/11 of 2001, and which is most like the 9/11 of 2020.

When you consider the road that it took for us to get here, imagine what 9/11 will be like in 2040 if we continue the drive.