Andrew Cuomo is being touted as the greatest leader we’ve seen in America since, well… Barack Obama.


Because. He just speaks so well. He’s so articulate. He’s clear and authoritative. He just sounds so smart.

Especially compared to that bumbling, walking contradiction, Donald Trump.

Nevermind that he’s presided over the most deaths in the country by quite a few. Results? Who needs ’em? He sounded so great in those press conferences…

This is another fundamental difference between liberals and conservatives. Liberals aren’t nearly as concerned with what is being said as how it’s being said. Conversely, conservatives are much more likely to focus on the content and barely notice the delivery.

Earlier today, Andrew Cuomo said, “Anyone who says this situation is a New York City-only situation is in a state of denial. There is no American immune to this virus. I don’t care if you live in Kansas. I don’t care if you live in Texas.”

The fact is (definitely, as of now), New York is a fairly unique situation. The virus made it’s first significant impact in Seattle, Washington. Because it infiltrated a nursing home, there were many deaths within days. But since then, Washington has not suffered anything like what New York is going through.

New York is not the first city to have it. But they are one of the most densely populated cities. Unfortunately, many of its leaders also instructed people to continue to attend events, parades, and movies.

I don’t see Kansas ever being ravaged the way NYC is right now. There’s fewer people, less density, and more precautions have been taken.

But, I think more importantly, Cuomo is also wrong about immunity. If you look up the word “immune,” the definition includes “resistant to a particular infection… owing to the presence of specific antibodies or sensitized white blood cells.”

The fact is, there are many people who’ve been exposed to the virus who either didn’t catch it or aren’t showing any signs of infection. One might describe those people as “immune.”

My purpose isn’t to nitpick Andrew Cuomo. I don’t know much about him, other than his state is broke and people were leaving it due to high taxes prior to this. I rarely see him in the news. And I’m not that interested.

I’m confident he’s working hard and doing everything he can, in never-before-seen circumstances, for all of the people in his state.

But as I watch people overreact to what an amazing leader he is, I get troubled by how taken in people are by someone who speaks well. Especially when no one is talking about what he’s saying or doing.