Why couldn’t the greatest virus of our time be a worldwide computer virus?

Can you imagine if all of our technology was infected, and the only way to survive the pandemic were to quarantine ourselves from our phones, tablets, and desktop computers?

Manufacturers would be firing up to see how quickly they could produce land line phones for homes so we could stay connected. Newspaper publishers would have to procure exponentially more paper to produce all of the news we’d need.

Families and kids would have to buy dozens of Mad Lib booklets to keep conversations rolling until they got used to sharing their thoughts and feelings about things with each other.

Teenagers would have to learn the courage necessary to say what they’re thinking to each other in person, since they would no longer be able to hide behind texts and Snapchat messages.

Adults would have to stop and look for an extra second on the sights and sounds they’re experiencing to be sure to remember and appreciate them later. Or they’d have to start carrying a camera around.

People of all ages would have to work on their ability to describe events to others, since they couldn’t just send pictures and phrases to each other. Everyone would have to reinvigorate their storytelling muscles.

It would be great to have a pandemic of something who’s only cure was to stop social distancing and start engaging with our family, friends, and neighbors.

Some are looking at coronavirus as some sort of sign from God. Perhaps God is angry? Or taking steps to solve an issue some feel he would have with our present society.

But I’m convinced if God were really trying to make a fundamental change, it’s a computer virus that would be sweeping humanity right now. And the only cure would be to look away from our devices… probably for at least a year, just to be safe.