The way the Democrats are behaving, you’d think they didn’t want to win this election.

Refusing to debate.

Running unelectable candidates.

Destroying the economy while pretending everything is great.

Allowing crime to continue on.

Mutilating children in the name of transgenderism.

Actively arguing for porn in schools.

Brazenly lying by saying things that are happening in front of all of us aren’t.

It’s almost as if they want to lose.

What if they do? What if they realize, and have already learned from the past two years, that whomever is in power when things go bad is going to get blamed.

The fact is, things are going very, very badly in this country, and people are looking directly at them. But there’s plenty of reason to believe things are going to continue to get much, much worse.

If the Republicans end up in charge of both the Senate and the House, and things continue to spiral, we’ll be hearing, two years from now, all about how they failed.

Remember, these are the people who can tell you, with a straight face, that Donald Trump was the first president to leave the office with fewer jobs than he started, or that Ron DeSantis was the first Florida Governor to lock down his schools and economy.

(Nevermind that it was the Democrats that advocated for both because of the COVID flu.)

I’ve long wrestled with whether or not the Democrats are sinister or just stupid. If they’re sinister, they may know what they’re doing by putting the feckless, useless, Republicans in charge for the next two years.

I mean, what are the chances the Republicans may actually seize the opportunity?