It’s only Wednesday, and in the past three days, I’ve heard four separate stories about people who made the deliberate decision not to go to work because they’re making more through the COVID unemployment than they would if they went to work.

There was plenty of concern about this in conservative news outlets. Why work for $100 when someone is going to come along and give you $200?

As usual, the worst marketing department in the history of marketing departments (that would be the Republican Party’s marketing department) is completely missing the opportunity to teach on this.

First off, the money they’re receiving to not work is not free. It’s coming from the national treasury. And that money is essentially being printed out of thin air, with an increasing lack of value.

The more money there is in circulation, the less each increment of that money is worth. That, my friends, is inflation, and that’s bad for your economy.

But even worse, if you sit home, stop working, and let someone – especially the government – take care of you, you lose your self esteem. You lose your sense of self worth. If you stop contributing to society and simply leech off it, you may start by feeling guilty, but it can quickly become a habit from which you cannot recover.

Think of the animals at the zoo. When animals are in the wild, they have to hunt to survive. But when we capture them and start taking care of them, they forget how to survive on their own.

They become dependent on their masters, and will soon do what it takes to please their masters. And even still, their masters can take away the food whenever they want. The masters are just that… masters. They are in control.

Can you think of a political party that offers government handouts as a solution to every problem? Why would they do that? What happens to the public when they get used to looking to the government for handouts?

Do you see where the Democrats fit into this analogy?

Conservatives want people to fend for themselves, when they can, because they are aware of the pride and self esteem that goes along with it. Our society functions best when everyone is contributing, and the best incentive to contribute is the potential rewards for those who work hard and succeed.

Democrats are constantly making excuses for various demographic groups, saying they can’t make it on their own. They do this because they want that group dependent on them.

It’s definitely tempting, for nearly everyone at one time or another, even if just for a second, to take the handout. But when you have faith in yourself, you will never take that money. No matter how practical you’re trying to be.