There’s no practical way to prevent, 100%, voter fraud. So long as there are bad actors who are willing to try, there will inevitably be some voter fraud. Our only choice is to do our best to minimize it.

Everyone should strongly share a desire to minimize voter fraud and keep it out of our elections. However, that’s not the case.

What could possibly be the incentive of those who are advocating systems that increase the likelihood of voter fraud? It’s hardly a stretch to think they’re probably interested in either enabling and committing voter fraud or creating the chaos that the high likelihood of voter fraud will engender.

The most secure way to avoid voter fraud is to have one day of voting in which everyone lines up and votes, in person, with an ID, at their local polling place. (Allowing for absentee ballots for those who request them because they can’t be present to vote in person…)

The less time you allow between the vote being cast, in person, and the vote being counted, the better chance you have of minimizing fraud.

Instead of secure elections, we’ve advocated for, and created, all sorts of different, insecure ways to vote. Is it a coincidence that all were advocated by the Democrat Party, who’s actively trying to make 2020 the most insecure election in our country’s history?

So, just how easy would it be to commit voter fraud? Obviously, there’s always an element of risk if you get caught. But somehow, I don’t get the feeling many will be worried about that. If potential fraudsters have learned anything from the domestic terrorists running around destroying some of our greatest cities, it’s that they’ll be back on the streets in a few hours with no risk of prosecution.

Just how imaginative do you have to be to commit voter fraud? Here are just a few ideas, off the top of my head…

  1. The State government sends ballots to you with the names of people who used to live at your residence or who have passed away. You turn them in.
  2. Postal workers (who’s union endorsed Joe Biden) throw out (or don’t deliver) ballots from areas or homes they know to be Republican. (There are multiple variations on how this would work.)
  3. You go to senior living facilities, complete their ballots for them, collect them, and turn them in.
  4. If you’re a good designer, you make your own version of ballots, based on what the state sends out, and complete as many as you can.
  5. You’re parents or grandparents ask you to mail their completed and sealed ballot for them, and you throw it in the trash.
  6. Head to a polling place, using someone else’s name who you know is registered there, and vote in their name.
  7. Steal ballots from mailboxes. Complete them and turn them in.

That’s just seven right off the top of my head. Some are ways to execute mass fraud while others would only affect one or two ballots (though, if done widely, could change a close local election).

If you’re a fair-minded citizen of this country who values the sanctity and integrity of our elections, there’s just no way you could want to see or participate in early voting or mail-in voting.

Are there really so many of us who don’t care that we just roll over and take it?