Being annoyed with autocorrect is not a new phenomena. And I don’t try to write about things that have been well-covered in other arenas.

But given where we are, as a society, on our tech journey, I’m dumbfounded at how poor and irritating the autocorrect experience remains.

Last week, I started keeping loose track of how often autocorrect either changes the words that I wrote as intended or leaves an errant spelling uncorrected, and my estimate is around 25% of my text sessions.

I generally hate texting, in general. Especially texting conversations. I’m not sure how our society transitioned from speaking to each other (which takes little effort) to texting conversations, which takes many times more effort.

But to spend that much text time having to write the same word multiple times or having the wrong word send because it was a legitimate, uncorrected typo, seems like this feature creates more problems than it solves.

Never a good description of a product feature.

Fix it or get rid of it.