When Donald Trump was President, he essentially removed the bureaucracy of the FDA out of the way (which is another way of saying, “moved heaven and earth,”) to make it possible to get not one, but multiple COVID vaccines on the market.

Regardless of whatever credit Joe Biden claims, the fact is he received one of those very same vaccinations while Donald Trump was President.

Trump supporters are very quick to spy when someone is giving Joe Biden credit and make sure Trump receives his due for everything he did to make it possible.

Now that the vaccines are becoming a bit more common, and more “non-essential” adults are receiving them, I find it interesting that it is largely Trump supporters who will not get it.

They’re proud of him for getting it done, but their suspicion of government and the severity of COVID is going to keep them from getting it themselves.

Freedom is a fascinating thing. It allows for all sorts of dynamic situations that require more than a 200 character Twitter post to explain.