When COVID-19 first hit, and everyone was trying to figure out what to do, some started advocating for wearing masks. The idea varied from protecting the wearer to protecting everyone else, but we were told it was our civic duty. We were taking one for the team.

This evolved in a privilege. As people started trying to find studies and precedent for the effectiveness of mass mask-wearing as protection against viruses, they started learning that all of the mask touching and breathing in of our own discarded, toxin-filled, carbon dioxide wasn’t necessarily healthy, either.

The marketing changed accordingly and it changed from being a duty to being a privilege. You could show your virtue and superiority by wearing masks in even the most ridiculous of situations – like driving alone in your car. It didn’t help anyone, but it did illustrate how good of a person you are.

Now, as the vaccinations continue to role out, it is a punishment. Joe Biden tells us that we have a choice: we can either get a vaccine or keep wearing the mask (this despite him continually wearing a mask, when he’s alone, on zoom calls, nowhere near others, after his December vaccinations).

Now, it’s a punishment. So, you don’t want to get a vaccine, eh? Well, fine. Then you can just keep wearing that useless, annoying, pointless mask. That’ll show you.

That mask was always a symbol of government control, and I’m sure this observation will blow right past many in the United States, just as all of the other evidence appears to do.