Yesterday, Joe Biden got into an argument with a factory worker in Michigan.

There were many newsworthy aspects to it, from Joe telling the worker he’s “full of shit,” to him dismissively “shushing” his female aide, to Joe telling he’s going to “go outside with your ass.” (Whatever that means…)

But what no one’s talking about is probably the biggest problem with our ruling class politicians.

Check out the :54 second mark of this video:

The worker says “You’re working for me, man.” To which, Joe Biden says, “I’m not working for you, man. Give me a break.”

And there’s the disconnect all too common in our political class.

While technically, Joe is not currently working for us, he was, and he is seeking to again.

Too many Americans have forgotten that we are the bosses. We are in charge. Our politicians work for us. We put them there. We hire them. And we can remove them. We can fire them.

And all along the way, we can tell them what we’d like them to do. When we want their time, they need to do their best to give it to us (within reason, of course… there are only so many minutes in a day, and so many constituents).

Until we retake the reins of our politicians, they’re going to keep working against the voters who put them there – and who continue to put them there. They’re going to continue to take us for granted.

It’s time to stand up and realize our own responsibility, as citizens. Time to start acting like managers of this country. Because we are.