I’m in a hotel, and outside of my room I hear someone talking.

At first, I think they’re walking by, so I pay it no mind. But then it just persists, getting louder and softer, almost like someone is running by my door having a conversation.

It was 7am, and I was already up. But I went out to look at who was talking in the hallway. When I opened my door, I saw guy talking loudly on the phone, pacing around the hallway.

Apparently, it never occurred to this guy that no one on the floor wanted to hear his conversation, much less be awakened by it. He just thoughtlessly went up and down the hallway talking loudly. Making it worse, the door to his room was open. He just couldn’t contain such a great conversation and had to share it with all of us.

This guy had to be a liberal, because a conservative would have likely been thoughtful to others and not taken their loud conversation to the rest of the floor.

Being considerate of others and not wanting to stand out for being an ass are signs of a conservative and provides a lens into how conservatives view the world.