It’s getting really difficult to make sense of absolutely anything these days. And I’m not just talking about the miracle that is 2020.

Language and fact is being redefined in a way George Orwell could only dream.

Today, Joe Biden said that it was the Republicans that are packing the court. The Republicans.

I try not to just write about, or react to, news because there’s plenty of outlets for that. But this one put me over the edge.

It’s not difficult to find quotes from Party Democrats talking about packing the Supreme Court if they win. In case you are not familiar with the phrase, “packing the court” means adding to the existing nine Supreme Court judges so they can appoint enough liberal judges to override what will soon be the 6-3 conservative majority.

In short, “packing the court” means adding to the number of judges.

There’s not ever been one conservative suggesting that should be done. Not one in the public eye. But this is what you get when you have socialists running your media and political party – especially when that political party is the media, and that media is the political party.

Let’s see how many we can catalog here:

The Republicans are packing the court, even though it’s the Democrats who are suggesting it.

Donald Trump will not accept the results of the election, even though it was Hillary Clinton who told Joe Biden he should not, “under any circumstances” concede.

The guy with the Antifa flag behind him in his video who was plotting to kidnap Michigan Governor Widmer is a Trump supporter.

Donald Trump destroyed one of the greatest economies in US history, created by his policies, because he listened to scientists who told him he had to lock it down, and this makes Trump a science denier who’s policies thanked the economy.

White supremacists are looting and rioting in cities like Portland and Seattle, even though they all wear Antifa gear and are anti-Trump. (Why does the Portland Mayor, Ted Wheeler, seek their approval if they’re trying to help Trump?)

We’re told to listen to science and data, even though the science and data tells us that COVID doesn’t kill people at a rate any higher than a flu, and those people are all largely over 70 years of age with pre-existing conditions.

Donald Trump is a racist, even though it’s Joe Biden who’s career is full of real racist comments like, “You ain’t black,” “clean and bright and articulate,” and, most recently, that he was able to hole up in his basement because “some black woman” stocked the shelves of the grocery store.

Republicans are getting more donations from more individual American donors while the Democrat Party has cornered the market on billionaire and big tech donations, and the Democrat Party is the party of the little people.

Trump colluded with the Russians when all of the declassified documents prove it was Hillary Clinton who colluded with the Russians.

It’s peaceful protesters who are destroying our urban areas, inciting violence, and injuring and killing police officers and innocent citizens.

We’re so anxious to look past race and treat each other as equals that we’re going to talk incessantly about race and make everything about race.

It’s the people who put signs outside their homes about how welcoming and kind they are who support Democrats, the party who is trying to silence and eliminate anyone who disagrees with them.

When wildfires that are completely preventable and are only happening in the environmentally mismanaged states of the United States West Coast are due to global warming, and not the lack of clear cutting or firewall creation.

Donald Trump is a racist, but the people who are constantly and solely focused on the race of everyone around them are not.

Conservative men are all privileged, even though they are the ones most likely to lose out on a job or college application due to their gender and race – especially if there is any evidence they are conservatives.

Republicans are trying to tamper with voting because they are the ones that want voter ID, same day voting, in-person voting, and no mail voting.

Saying “all lives matter” is racist, but saying “black lives matter” is not.

Correcting a woman who’s lying in front of millions of people is considered mansplaining, with no consideration of whether or not she’s actually lying.

Democrat women want to be treated equally (like men) until you actually treat them equally.

Black millionaires who are the idol of millions are slaves to the sports they have the god-given ability and choice to play.

All whites are racist – so much so that they’re excited to elect a black President, watch a black woman dispense advice to millions, pay thousands of dollars a season to watch black athletes, pay hundreds of dollars to see black musicians, and patronize the shops of millions of black Americans.

Democrats say boys can identify as girls, and Republicans are anti-science.

Black lives matter so much that we should focus on the tens of unarmed blacks killed by police officers but ignore the thousands of blacks killed by other blacks.

The Republican Party was literally founded on the premise of freeing the slaves, and Democrats, who started the KKK specifically to intimidate Republican voters, call them racists.

Bill Clinton raped and harassed countless women, but feminists who would evolve into the MeToo movement never said a word about him because he shared the same political ideology.

Celebrities and 16 year old foreign girls tell us about climate change and who to vote for, and Republicans are science deniers.

People can’t go to church, funerals for their loved ones, the hospital, or sporting events because of COVID fears, but people can protest without fear.

Republicans are intolerant racists, bigots, sexist, homophobes, but the Democrats who hate them are full of love and tolerance.

The entirety of the Democrat existence is a litany of contradictions and doublespeak, developed solely to justify and sell whatever position is convenient and necessary to further their agenda.

And it is getting beyond maddening. It’s so hard to keep up, and so mind-bendingly insane, that it’s creating chaos across the country. No one knows what to believe anymore. There are no facts. There are no consequences. There is no truth.

It’s exactly the atmosphere required to create a new truth and take control.