I just finished watching the December 20, 1975, “NBCs Saturday Night” (Saturday Night Live) with Candace Bergen, in it’s entirety.

As always, the show ends with the cast standing together and waving. I couldn’t help but notice that every member of the cast was saying “Merry Christmas” to the audience and to viewers back home.

You could see the hatred in their hearts as they wished this “Merry Christmas” on everybody, like wishing a pox on your home.

The evolution from “Merry Christmas” to “Happy Holidays,” is a well-traveled topic, and I don’t mean to waste any more time with it here.

I’m more interested in how we allowed the permanently offended to cripple this country so thoroughly. How did we veer so far off course from being one of the kindest and most compassionate nations on earth to having so much hate and division at home?

Hopefully, we can explore this in 2021 and start to find our way home. Until then…

Here’s wishing you a very Merry Christmas, with peace, love, empathy, understanding, and perspective for all.