Today, I was on the onramp getting on to the expressway.

The onramp, in this case, is one lane with high barriers on both sides. You’re in a long lane, going up a hill, so you can’t really see what’s going on over the hill. I was sitting, stopped, for minutes on end; inching along slowly.

Just as you get over the top of the hill, you enter an area in which the single lane splits into three lanes. The lane on the left is an HOV lane, so carpoolers can get by everyone in that lane.

The center lane is just a continuation of the onramp lane, and leads to a stop light to control the amount of traffic entering the highway. When you get to the mouth of where you hit three lanes, there’s probably room for about 10 cars in between that point and the stop light.

On the right, is another lane that leads to a stop light, also to control traffic.

You can’t really see what’s going on with those three lanes until you crest the hill. It never occurred to me, but I should have known what I’d see when I got to the three lane split.

Cars that could go HOV, quickly got there and drove by the other two lanes.

The center lane was completely full, from the stop light to where the single onramp lane because three.

But the right hand lane? There were three cars in it, with nothing but space between the third car and the three lane split.

Only in Seattle would people sit in the middle lane and wait, instead of getting into the shorter lane and getting through faster.

So we all had to sit on the onramp while these knuckleheads all waited in the center lane.

This is what happens when you reside in “me” world.