States and municipalities are adopting variations of “distracted driver” laws in an attempt to reduce accidents caused by texting, talking on the phone, and looking at your GPS.

Police are now standing by to pull you over if you’re holding a phone or, in some cases, using your headphones to have a phone conversation.

Yet somehow, it’s not a danger driving around with a live animal on your lap.

I have two neighbors who own small dogs, and both routinely hop in the car, put the dog in their lap, and drive to wherever they’re going.

What could go wrong? Nothing’s as predictable as a runt dog that barks and postures at anything that moves.

We’re not allowed to drive with other humans on our lap. Can you imagine the fine for driving with your toddler on your lap? But somehow, the animal rights people found a loophole.

Sure seems like the handling of live animals should be added to the “hands free” list.