According to the climate change and/or global warming alarmists, man-made climate change is going to lead to massive famine, rising ocean levels, catastrophic storms, temperature change, disease, and drought by tomorrow, next year, five years from now, or ten years from now (depending on who’s dire predictions you believe).

So, how fortunate the timing of the coronavirus.

As the country (and the world) slowly decides to self-quarantine and lock themselves indoors, we’re going to have a dramatically positive healing effect on the earth.

Thus far, all of the prescriptions to solve man-made climate change have all been based on the assumption that we’d still be a functioning society while we made the alterations and changes.

No one in the climate change movement foresaw such drastic action. The result of shutting down economies across the globe so severely should lead to radical positive change to the earth’s climate.

Even if we have to lose a few hundred thousand people, it’ll be more than worth it to save the entire planet. Consider it our sacrifice to Mother Nature.

But wait a minute! What if we go too far? What if we swing the pendulum too far? What if we over correct? Then what will we do?

Turning the economies back on may not be enough. We may have to go beyond our normal way of life. We may have to prepare to not just resume our unprecedented booming economy, but go a step further.

We may have to ask people to sacrifice by purchasing Hummers, using more hairspray, and firing up all of our coal mines. We may have to shut down the wind turbines and solar panels and open more factories.

I pray it doesn’t happen, but God save us if we have to be even more productive. I only hope we’re prepared to take the necessary steps if we did, in fact, over correct.