As I write this, police are hunting for a gunman who walked up to a police vechicle in Compton, CA, and fired several shots at the two officers inside before fleeing.

I’ve not been able to find an article with details on exactly how many shots were fired, but we do know both officers were hit multiple times, meaning at least four shots were fired.

My question: how can that be?

Isn’t one of the big questions asked about all of these brutal incidents of police shooting innocent black criminals, “why did they shoot them so many times?”

In one of the most recent incidents, the officer who shot Jacob Blake shot him in the back seven times. Why did he have to shoot him so many times?

I would ask the same of this Compton shooter. Why did you have to take “several” shots at the officers? You’re shooting at two helpless individuals who did nothing to you. Why so did you shoot them so many times?

If you’ve seen the video, it’s somewhat hard to believe he could have gotten off too many shots, because he’s not standing there for more than two seconds. Yet, that’s apparently how quickly you can take that many shots.

My guess is I’m not going to hear any reference to exactly how many shots were taken. Perhaps, it’s not relevant?