There’s always a desire to simplify the complicated. An interest in boiling down an intricate set of events or decisions into one convenient sound bite.

So, here’s mine…

Be unoffendable. Find humor and joy in everything. Don’t take it all too seriously. Be willing and able to laugh at yourself.

There are way too many people actively seeking ideas, words, phrases, visuals, or actions that will offend them. I’m not sure what drives that. Need to justify innate anger? Wanting to have a cause? Seeking purpose?

If you’re unoffendable, you’ll see some interesting changes around you. People will start telling you the truth. They’ll share their own innermost thoughts with you. They’ll be candid. They’ll give you feedback.

They’ll do all of this because they know it won’t result in pain for them. They’ll feel the rush and release of saying what’s on their mind knowing that they’ll be rewarded for it.

If you’re unoffendable, you’ll see a dramatic reduction in fear. People around you will start feeling more confident and start being themselves. You’ll hear new and different ideas. People will open up. You’ll be exposed to so much more. To truly celebrate diversity, we have to be unoffendable because if we’re not, everyone will continue to keep their thoughts to themselves.

And look where that’s getting us.