I’m continually impressed at how many people, when shopping for ice cream, have to stand directly in front of the door window, with their faces inches away from the glass, to see the selection.

If they stood back, they’d find that not only can they see the selection, but anyone else also shopping for ice cream can, as well.

Life is better for everyone when you consider others. If you’re doing a simple thing like buying ice cream, just stand back so that others can see, as well.

Similarly, it’s not necessary to open a door with a window so you can see in. (That’s what the window’s for.) If you shop for ice cream with the door open, you’re just leaving it fogged up for the next person to shop after you.

In general, I think everyone shares at least one mission: get out of the way. If you can go about your business and do what you need, without getting in other people’s way, then that should always be in the back of your mind as you pursue your own happiness.

But the key is to include being thoughtful of others as you proceed.

This seems like a small thing. But it’s a life full of small things that adds up. You’re either thinking of others, and how you affect them. Or you’re just thinking of yourself, and leaving a trail of irritated people in your wake.

Why not spread happiness. Thoughtful people will appreciate you.