Over Valentine’s Day weekend, Mitch McConnell spoke of how he will consider funding Republican Senate candidates during the 2022 mid-term elections.

When asked about his willingness to back Trump-endorsed candidates, he indicated he may or may not back them, saying “the only thing I care about is electability.”

There’s no such thing as “electability.” It’s a false premise. When one speaks of “electability,” they’re really just saying it’s their opinion that someone is or is not electable. In this case, McConnell is saying he’ll be the final arbiter of who’s electable. I don’t think this gives anyone much comfort, considering how out of touch McConnell has proven to be.

McConnell only needs to look back four years to 2016 when nearly everyone determined Trump couldn’t win the Republican nomination because he wasn’t electable. Then, after he won, the general consensus was that Hillary Clinton would beat him in the general election because he wasn’t electable.

There’s a well-worn saying that goes “if you say you can’t, you’ll always be right.” The same idea applies to electable. If we all collectively decide someone is not electable, we’ll probably be right.

The fact is, everyone is electable. Anyone could be elected. If they make the right appeal to the right people at the right time, and voting goes their way, they’re electable. If we all just put our energy into supporting the person we thought best, that person could easily be elected.

Mitch McConnell does not represent conservatives or the Trump movement, disqualifying him from reliably determining who may or may not have a chance at winning elections.

This is why there either needs to be a third party, or conservatives have to create a seismic Republican Party switch.

Then again, I think President Trump also proved that candidates can probably win without Mitch McConnell’s, or even the Party’s, backing.