There’s no shortage of politicians, mostly liberal, who want to save us from ourselves. They want to ban soda so we don’t get fat. They want to ban plastic bags so we don’t kill dolphins. They want to ban trans fat because we can’t monitor our own weight.

They want us to cut back our energy usage. They want us to eat vegan. They want us to ride our bikes. The list is endless.

The problem with telling people how they should live their lives is that the people are going to start paying attention to how you live yours.

There are endless examples, but Al Gore is the living symbol of hypocrisy. We’ve all heard just about enough from Al Gore on how we should be living to save the earth. So much so that people started paying attention to what he was doing.

It didn’t take long to see how much more energy he uses to power his home (20x more) than the average American.

If you’re going to insist we all change our ways for your cause, please don’t come around until you’ve made the changes yourself.