We can’t know what’s in the hearts and minds of another, but I think there’s plenty of evidence to strongly suggest the Blue State, or Democrat governors, are continuing their state lockdowns in the interests of furthering the economic pain.

Why would they do this? Because, as we discussed yesterday, the Democrat Party is unified in everything they do. And their number one goal remains to remove and destroy Donald Trump, by any means necessary, as soon as possible.

Unfortunately for them, they made one big miscalculation.

By making everyone stay home – whether they’re working from home or not – they left the door open for people to find new ways to pass the time.

One of the more popular ways to pass the time appears to be listening to Rush Limbaugh. As of this writing, more than 43.5 million people are listening to Rush Limbaugh at any given time. That’s far more than the 20-30 million he used to report not that long ago.

As the media continues to unabashedly go after President Trump with petty and unhelpful questions when the people are seeking information, they continue to lose credibility. As the Russian collusion scandal to remove Trump continues to publicly unravel, the media’s lack of curiosity is standing out. As Tara Reade’s sexual assault accusation of Joe Biden continues to get little press traction, people can’t help but think back to the media’s overreaction to the Brett Kavanaugh accusation.

The pace at which the media’s biases and causes are being laid bare is being accelerated by the lack of distractions for people. With no sports, movies, or other pop culture phenomena to follow, and people taking their stake in the American economy more seriously, they’re starting to pay attention to things in a way they didn’t before.

Enter Rush Limbaugh.

Democrats, being the short-sighted, tunnel-visioned creatures they are, see the Rush Limbaugh listening numbers and think that, at most, it’s “only” 43.5 million listeners. What they don’t realize is that those listeners are taking the message out to friends and family.

As Rush’s points of view begin to resonate and take hold, they’re going to continue to spread across the country – fortunately at a pace that is roughly 28 times that of the coronavirus.

And it’s taking hold. What Democrats have always failed to realize is that people are instinctually conservative. They have to be taught and convinced to be liberals. People who believe the claim that all conservatives are racist, homophobic, sexist bigots are always the first to go left.

They’re usually conservative themselves, but they figure they’re not those things, so they must be liberal.

But when they get a chance to listen to someone who teaches and explains conservatism as well as Rush does, they start to see the truth.

The Republican Party is home to the worst marketing department in the history of marketing departments. Never has a marketing department been given such an amazing product – freedom and capitalism – and done so little with it.

But not Limbaugh. He understands how the Democrats brand conservatism, and he knows how to defeat their claims. More people are getting exposed to Limbaugh than COVID-19, and they’re waking up.

As always, the Democrats have overplayed their hand with the daily attempt to beat up Trump for his lunch money. Americans see this.

Americans appreciate fairness and justice, and if someone has it coming, they’ll support it. But Americans also can smell a bully, and they know that no one could be as bad as they say Trump is.

And when the guy making the case is Rush Limbaugh, you’re definitely going to lose the argument.