One of the reasons I started this site is because of my frustration with hearing people vote for Democrats and tell me they’re liberal, but then when I hear them talk about issues, they’re obviously conservative.

After decades of hearing liberals constantly rant on about how conservatives are racist, sexist, homophobic, uncaring rich bigots, most people listen to that and think, “I’m none of those things, so I’m certainly not a conservative. I must be a liberal.”

(This is an unfortunate result of the Republican Party Marketing Department, the worst marketing department in the history of marketing, not having any idea how to address this.)

But then normal, every day conversations with them will reveal that they’re not really sure what good their tax dollars are doing, they don’t really begrudge someone being more successful than they, they’re not sure why their kid’s little league doesn’t keep score and they certainly don’t want government running everyone’s lives.

They know they don’t hate black people. In fact, they don’t even notice them as any different than anyone else. They know many gay people and have never had an issue with them. Never even thought twice about it.

Yet some liberals have been taught to believe that conservatives are these things. Some actually believe that conservatives are for polluting our water and air for business – even though conservatives drink the very same water and breathe the very same air as everyone else.

Conservatives don’t accuse liberals of hating people (except maybe conservatives). They don’t accuse liberals of seeking destruction on society (although they believe some of their policies may unintentionally do that).

Conservatives understand that liberals, like conservatives, are people. And we’re all living in the same country. We just have different solutions. Which is why, going back to the introduction, we need to start listening to each other and considering the problems and solutions – not the personalities.