This image has been making the rounds this Halloween.

It’s obviously intended to be humorous, and is taken as such by most who see it. But I’m wondering why it’s funny.

We’ve evolved to a point in society where all sorts of people are “identifying” as something other than what they are.

Most popular is identifying as the other gender than what you are biologically. But why stop there? Why not identify as another race? Or another age? Or another physical shape? Or another species?

The funny thing is that if you keep asking those questions, at some point most people protest and insist you “be reasonable.”

At it’s best, “identifying” is empathizing. You’re saying you can appreciate or understand what those you’re identifying with go through or experience.

But more often, those who “identify” are telling you that is the identity they’re adopting. In this case, identifying is pretending. And pretending isn’t real.

How did we get to the point at which we threw rationality out the window and suspended or disbelief enough where anyone can tell you they’re something other than what they are and we blankly look at them and say, “…ok.”

I think most would tell you it’s harmless to do that. What can it hurt? But we keep doing it en masse, and soon there’s another ask. And it gets pushed further and further. And then we’re all left wondering why men are showering with women or why men are playing women’s sports, dominating, breaking established records, and being treated as women while we all look the other way.

Facts are facts.

So many ridicule religious people as being anti-science. Yet those same people don’t see the obvious dismissal of science in this scenario.

We’re collectively losing our sanity. We’re collectively ignoring fact for fiction.

I wonder how this is all going to end…