The longer animals live in a zoo, the more they lose the ability to fend for themselves. The more dependent they become on their captors.

There’s no difference between the zoo and a government that seeks to make its citizens dependent on it.

The more people who rely on the government to feed them, clothe them, give them money, and put a roof over their heads, the more we develop a citizenry who can’t fend for themselves.

Those people will become more and more comfortable sitting back, taking it easy, and waiting for the morsels they need to get by. And what luck, everyone has a smart phone to help them pass the day away with video games and social media. So the only expenses are Cheetos and Pepsi.

We only get one life, and it’s up to us to make the most of it. It’s up to us to put ourselves out there, try new things, undertake new experiences, and do things we’ve never done before.

It’s up to us to explore and reach our true potential and pursue the things that make us happiest. It’s up to us to wake up every day and face the challenges the day brings. It’s up to us to create and pursue opportunities.

If we’re just going to sit back and wait for the government, we may as well sell tickets and let people from other countries walk through our apartments and observe our habits.

As long as they don’t try and feed us.