As conservatives, we’re completely at home with a Republican organization that has no spine and the worst marketing department in the history of marketing.

Conservatives, by their very nature, don’t usually protest. They’re too busy going to work, earning money for themselves and their families, and living their lives. They do their protesting at the voting booth.

And with that voting, they’ve always expected that they could hire Republican representatives who would not only stick up for the cause, but go on offense and push it forward.

However, conservatives have only been trained to be disappointed. While they have a decent squad of radio hosts and essay writers, there’s never really been anyone on the national stage who would say the things that seemed counterintuitive to the media narrative, but that so many Americans would inherently know.

Then Donald Trump came along. He was a complete outsider and owed nothing to the Republican Party. The Party opposed him for this, but his “average American” voters came to love him for it.

But then something happened. Perhaps because Trump is an outsider, he ran into the same trap so many citizens do: It’s just really hard to believe that anyone could be as sinister, as deceitful, as diabolical, as organized, and determined as Democrats. (And by “Democrats,” I specifically mean the Party and the media, not citizens who just vote for them.)

We just watched for three years how powerful and fearless they are. With the media, government agencies, culture, and academia on their side, they perpetuated the complete myth that Trump had colluded with Russia. They accused him of countless scandals that went nowhere, and ultimately impeached him.

The coronavirus pandemic came from nowhere, and at first, for a minute, it seemed like we may all be in this together. But as the lockdown got going, and Democrats around the world saw how easily it was to take power from the people, there’s no doubt it became too powerful for them to resist. (Not that they would have tried very hard.)

What Democrats count on is that normal, every day Americans wouldn’t believe that their ultimate goal is control. But that’s what every Socialist/Communist regime requires.

I don’t know Dr. Fauci or Dr. Birx. Not personally. I don’t pretend to know what’s in their hearts and minds. What motivates them. But I do know they’re the equivalent of corporate lawyers. They’re always going to advise the most extreme measures to make sure the government is blameless.

Democrats can see the opportunity this gives them, and they’re pursuing it relentlessly.

They’re using the fear, the media’s unified campaign of misinformation, to create dependence. Every day the lockdown persists, there are more people who will depend on the government, on Democrats – the party of government, to survive. For orders. For direction.

There is plenty of information to suggest this lockdown is not, and was never, necessary. The mortality rate is much lower than thought. Countries like Sweden never locked down, and herd immunity seems to be working. This virus was in the US far earlier than we thought, and yet, death wasn’t all around us. And we’ve concretely identified the at risk groups, who could, and should, be protected.

And yet, we’re letting the Democrats take over. They’re getting their way, and they’re now focused on the November election. You’d be silly to think otherwise. Their partisan handling of Trump is a dead giveaway.

With this perfect storm going on, there’s only one person who can stop them: President Donald Trump.

Unfortunately, he seems to have been assimilated. He’s become like every other Republican inevitably becomes. He’s afraid. He’s afraid of the media. He’s afraid of Democrats. He’s afraid of what they’re going to say about him.

He’s watched how our media and cultural elite treated the protesters and the people on the beaches of Florida, and he knows it’ll be ten times worse for him.

This used to not matter, because he didn’t care what they thought. But something has happened. He’s afraid of bucking Fauci and Birx. My guess is, because they appear to have authority and expertise, and that people will side with them.

But what Trump has on his side is the truth. He has common sense and conventional wisdom.

He knows, like most Americans do, that we’re all going to die. He knows that staying in home and killing people’s livelihoods is not sustainable. He knows that’s no way to live. He knows, like we do, that life is not just about being alive, but what you do with it.

If we’re all going to spend our lives cowering inside, than we’re not really living. We’re just waiting to die.

Americans take risks. We always have. And it’s time he takes one now. He has to stand up, start talking about all of the research and information that’s not getting out there. He needs to put the very unlikely chance of death by coronavirus in perspective against all of the other ways of dying that are being exacerbated in this country – suicide, alcoholism, drug abuse, stress, depression, obesity, diabetes, etc.

He needs to make his case, because before long, we’re going to write him off and seek the next hope. And the problem is, it’s probably too late.

I hope Trump steps up and makes the very kind of bold decisions that people love about him so much. Because if he doesn’t, this may be our last stand.