Today, I was driving in the parking lot of a strip mall when I came across a simple, but very effective and reliable IQ test.

I was in my car, driving toward the Subway in the picture when a car came at me traveling in the opposite direction.

As you can see, there’s an entire empty lane to the side of the speed bump. One traveling toward where I was to take this picture could either travel over the speed bump or simply drive around it. There are no parking spots where I was standing and the only way to travel is to turn right after the speed bump, so that lane there is simply funneling you into where you’re inevitably going to go, anyway.

As I turned left to head toward the Subway, I expected the car coming toward me to avoid the speed bump by driving through the open lane. Who wouldn’t?

Instead, he held fast, dutifully and blindly followed the rules (like any good Pacific Northwesterner would, and fully drove over the speed bump. I almost hit him because I figured who would intentionally drive over the speed bump.

This seemingly simple and innocuous event proved to be a fantastic and reliable IQ test. It illustrated many traits of the driver’s personality.

He’s definitely not a problem solver. If he were, he would have seen the speed bump as an avoidable problem, and he would have solved it with the obvious solution to his right.

He’s definitely not interested in expending the least amount of effort or wear and tear on his car. If you’re wired to work and behave with efficiency, you would have immediately seen the opportunity to take the shorter route and avoid a) having to slow down, and b) any potential car damage.

His actions also illustrate that he will blindly follow the rules, as laid out for him by the government or other nameless entities. It’s easy to conclude that this person probably wears masks when hiking, stands at stop lights where there are no cars waiting for the walk light instead of just walking, and probably stands and waits for the cashier to bag his groceries.

We can also conclude that he’s a reliable Democrat voter, as he has no critical thinking skills whatsoever and probably does as the media and politicians tell him.

Who knew you could get so much from a simple parking lot speed bump?