Today I set out to make a 3 hour drive on a long and straight highway. The speed limit was 70 mph for most of it, and I was driving around 80 mph.

About an hour into the drive, I could see I was gaining on a car ahead of me. Eventually, I found myself next to him, and was assuming I would just carry on by.

Following the science, as leftists love to do, I think it’s a fair conclusion that if I was driving 80 mph for an hour, and I was gaining on a driver ahead of me, that he was driving at a speed less than 80 mph for a fairly long stretch (assuming he had been on the highway anywhere near as long as myself).

So how is it, when I arrived next to him, I then had to drive next to him for the next 10 miles? Just to two of us, side by side. And when we happened upon cars in front of us, it made it a pain in the ass to get around them because I didn’t have the freedom to just move or lane change as I would normally do.

For miles, this guy was happy to drive whatever speed it was he was driving. I’m not sure how my speed suddenly seemed so much more attractive. And if he’s comfortable driving it, why he didn’t think of it on his own.

But if you’re going to drive a car, have some principles as it relates to the speed limit and stick to them, regardless of what others around you are doing. And if you’re in someone’s way, move off to the right and let them pass by. Why sit in someone’s way and create a tense and potentially unsafe situation for everyone when you can simply let them pass by?

You drive your speed. I’ll drive my speed. And we’ll all be fine.