What do you call it when a group or crowd of people set an example by destroying something they don’t like and then coming to your door to see if you agree with them?

There’s no way to know, but I’d still love to know what percentage of “Black Lives Matter” signs in stores and neighborhood lawns are there as part of a protection racket. How many of these people think, “If I just put up this sign, maybe they’ll leave me alone.”

It’s like putting lamb’s blood on over your door during Passover to make sure the Lord doesn’t take your eldest son. Or, in COVID times, like using bleach wipes on your door to make the sure the ghost of COVID passes you by during the night.

When I watch videos of Black Lives Matter thugs militantly harassing people and ordering them to raise their fist or take a knee, I can only think of the mafia. This is like a protection racket.

The traditional mafia play is to take money from business owners, and in exchange, the mafia promises to not rob or harm the business.

In this case, business owners and homeowners are putting signs up or raising the proverbial fist in hopes that no one comes by and destroys their property.

The great Dave Kahane, alter-ego of my favorite writer, Michael Walsh, has described the Democrat Party as a criminal organization masquerading as a political party.

I think he first wrote that about 12 years ago. Amazing how true it’s become in 2020.