In 2002, during a performance of “Anna Stesia”, Prince said, “‘We should champion our diversity…’ Ha!”

“We should champion our similarities. We should meet on a higher level. Instead of looking at white, black… rich, poor… young, old… Differences. Differences. ‘Diversity.’ Let’s meet somewhere higher.”

You can’t get through a week without seeing a “celebrate diversity” sign or hearing someone talking about the importance of diversity. It’s never made any sense to me.

Why aren’t we celebrating the things we have in common? The things that unite us? People keep trying to break us down into groups: white, black, asian, gay, straight, man, woman, etc. And then we’re supposed to spend time making sure we’ve got one of each included in everything we do.

Seems to me, it makes more sense to unite people around our common goals and our common beliefs. Society is tearing itself apart trying to celebrate our differences. How about we focus on all being in it together.