For all the white supremacists that are supposedly out there, I can’t say I’ve ever known or seen one.

I’ve been white all my life, and according to some, that should give me plenty of access to all those white supremacy clubs and organizations out there.

But in all of my travels, including my college years, I can’t say I’ve ever known or met a white supremacist. I’m not sure I’ve ever even seen one. I went to a four-year college, like many. So you’d think I’d have had a chance to see maybe at least one white supremacy rally on campus.

Yet, according to all of the protesters and leftists on social, local, and national media, they’re not only everywhere, but they’ve been running things forever.

Oh, and they love Donald Trump. In fact, Trump wouldn’t have even won in 2016 if not for the massive white supremacist vote that candidates court every election.

So? Where are they? Where are all of the white supremacists? If you find one, please ask him (I think they only come in one gender) to contact us here at the Bubbler.