This tweet from Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez captures perfectly the different worldviews of conservatives versus liberals.

It’s good advice, to be sure. But her last sentence captures how liberals see the world – and especially business.

In her world, there’s a nefarious scheme by business owners to cheat their workforce at every turn, as often as they can. Business owners live for the Fall Daylight Savings so they can steal that extra hour of work from their workforce.

Conservatives see that same instance, when a worker’s pay stub may be short an hour due to Daylight Savings, as an administrative error: one they’re more than happy to rectify if it comes to their attention.

AOC’s assumption is that the business is stealing. Conservatives view it is as something they’re happy to fix.

If we can clarify the varying worldviews, and our points of origin when we enter a conversation, discussion, or debate, we can hopefully get that much closer to reaching an understanding.