Who here can tell me the maker of your last flu shot?

Who knows which company produced their last flu shot?

Who ever heard of any vaccinations being chosen by the maker?

When did we ever start asking people if they’ve been vaccinated? For anything?

Who can name a non-COVID vaccination you’ve had, either for yourself or your kids, where you knew who made it?

There’s just something that seems off about there being so much social conversation about whether or not someone’s been vaccinated, which company made the vaccination, and how did they react to it.

We’ve all been giving each other the cold and flu each year for generations. We came to work when we shouldn’t have. We all ate M&M’s out of the same jar. We rarely washed our hands. Why didn’t anyone care then? It’s not like the flu couldn’t be deadly. Similarly, 99% of the time, isn’t deadly.

So, what’s the difference?