Denying the truth is the lifeblood of political correctness.

In order to be politically correct, you cannot speak observations most of us have made in our adult life. (Some used to refer to those observations as “common sense.”)

I was recently reading an article that shared this thought, and it’s a thought that bears repeating.

From the article: “To describe with accuracy what is before your eyes is now a de facto signature sanctioning your death.” Ain’t it the truth.

Consider, seriously, the effect of preventing people from speaking the truth. How does that effect our ability to teach kids? To deal with very real issues? To advance as a society? To share ideas? To peacefully debate?

By making it a sin, or having social consequences for saying something that others don’t want to hear, we’re encouraging people to just look the other way or not acknowledge certain truths.

Reality is here to stay. But if we’re not willing to accept it, we’re laying a societal foundation made of tissue paper.