If you are, or have ever been, unfortunate enough to drive in Seattle, you’ve been privy to what amounts to a driver IQ test.

If you want to know who the smart citizens are and who the dim ones are, you need only to camp out at an intersection with two lanes on each road and a stop light.

All of the people lined up behind one another, one after the other, are the low IQ drivers. The one person in the other lane is the smart driver. The one driver in the line of 10 cars, next to that lane with one car, who tentatively switches lanes and creeps in behind the one car is of average intelligence, just above those in the line of 10 cars. (As determined by the fact they sat in the line of 10 cars for any time at all before figuring out to even out the lines.)

You can witness this phenomenon at nearly any intersection in the Seattle area.

And yet, we are one of the tech centers of the country, if not the world…