Heading into the election, many people were saying that Joe Biden made a deal with Bernie Sanders that allowed him to win the nomination in exchange for adopting Sanders’ platform.

This would explain Biden’s embrace of things like the “Green New Deal,” and support from Sanders acolytes like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, and “The Squad.”

I think we’re now discovering that the deal wasn’t with Sanders. It was the entirety of Washington D.C. Beating President Trump was the most important thing to D.C. denizens, and they’ve been singularly focused on it for four years.

What people didn’t notice is to what degree this included members of the Republican Party.

Beating Trump has been priority one for the whole of Washington as soon as they realized exactly how serious a threat he was to their way of life. To their entire existence.

Thanks to Trump, a dangerous number of Americans has now been exposed to the way politicians, beholden to corporations and international governments, operate and make millions of dollars when their salaries are only $100,000+ dollars.

People see the way both parties have sold out the country, and it’s all because of Donald Trump. This is why it’s so important to the “deep state” to get rid of him and his supporters – to the point where they may work together to steal an election from him.

This is the deal Joe Biden made when he was given the nomination, and it’s looking like a much sweeter deal than just taking on the Sanders platform.